Welcome to Multiplication Rules!
A simple, visual, fun way to learn times tables and division.

Multiplication Rules! A new way to understand multiplication tables

Goodbye parrot-fashion maths.
Hello fun-to-learn, easy-to-remember maths!

Designed for children (grown ups too) who find learning maths tricky. Multiplication Rules! is a new way to learn times tables and division. It has been created as a teaching aid for schools, parents or carers.

We use two simple number patterns, games and memory tests - learning maths just got FUN, hooray!

Multiplication Rules! books and packs will:

  • Provide a practical learning / teaching tool
  • Encourage maths confidence
  • Build a positive attitude to lifelong mathematical learning

"Having worked with schools all over the country, I've realised that the most important thing is helping children to enjoy learning. Once they enjoy learning, the rest will follow."
Penny Topsom, Creator of Multiplication Rules!

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