Multiplication Rules! Activity Teaching Pack

Multiplication Rules! A fun way to recognise numeric patterns!

The Multiplication Rules! activity pack for teaching

Learning times tables and division can be a challenge. This practical teaching tool is ideal for anyone who struggles with maths and can be used in schools, or any place of learning.

The activity pack can be used at home and in school, and is particularly valuable for those working with children who find numbers hard to grasp.

What age range is this suitable for?

Suitable for children in Primary or Secondary schools (it may be useful for older kids and grown ups too).

Inside The Multiplication Rules! activity pack


Non-magnetic: 65 (including p&p)
Magnetic: 85 (including p&p)
Discount available for multiple packs, please contact us to find out more.

Where can I buy it?

Here on the website, pop over to the Shop.

What are the benefits of the activity pack?

It's hands-on learning; children respond well to moving the plastic counters around the grids. It stimulates and encourages recognition and use of number patterns. What's more, it actually makes learning (and teaching) fun!

The pack, which comes in its own bag, contains all you need to teach the 2-12 times tables. It includes:

  • Teaching tips booklet (divided into step-by-step sessions)
  • Engaging ways to remember the trickier times tables
    ("I ate and ate and was sick on the floor": 8 x 8 = 64)
  • 11 sets of bright yellow number counters
  • Number grids (blank and complete)
  • Cut-out 'odd' and 'even' cards
  • Number games

210mm x 297mm
The magnetic boards are 2mm thick and non-magnetic 1.5mm.

Encourages accuracy in number recognition
Discover and use number patterns as a memory tool
Builds a positive attitude to lifelong mathmatical learning


"It is a great shame that your method is not taught widely in schools for the benefit of dyslexic students, because I really believe that it would allow so many of them to show their full potential as mathematicians."
Mary Stump, Co-Chair Parents' Voice (Harris Boys Academy, London)

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